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About Us

Asphalt Beach historical store front
Steve Skating

Asphalt Beach Skate Shop, owned by Steve Larios, has been a cornerstone of Nashville's skating community for decades. Steve's journey began in 1993 as a skate instructor at the iconic Vertical Inline skate shop. When Vertical Inline closed in 1997, Steve continued his passion for skating by teaching and managing at Cumberland Cycles, where he established Asphalt Beach Skate School. In 2001, Steve took over the skate shop at Cumberland Cycles and rebranded it as Asphalt Beach Skate Shop.

Steve is not only a dedicated shop owner but also a competitive inline speed-skater. His accolades include numerous national championships and representing Team USA at World Masters Championships across the globe.

At Asphalt Beach, we offer a wide variety of quad roller skates, inline skates, and protective gear. Our knowledgeable staff are all skilled skaters, with some active in the Nashville Roller Derby and others excelling in various skating disciplines. They bring their expertise and passion to help you find the perfect gear.

We are excited to welcome you for walk-ins!

Sign of Asphalt Beach at night
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